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Picture book companions

I have always had such a deep love for picture story books and enjoy expanding my library to share with my students and my children. A good picture story book not only captivates the attention of little ones and makes for a fantastic unwind activity, they create rich teaching moments.

Picture books in the classroom can:

-Help children to associate pictures and words, extending their vocabulary

-Assist with reading and writing

-Introduce literacy devices

-Encourage children to use their imaginations

-Promote higher level thinking and questioning

-Be a great way to introduce new topics and to discuss important morals and themes

With so many benefits picture books have to offer, I endeavour to create units of work to use alongside well-known and loved books. These companions are all you need for engaging and diverse units of literacy work.

Each pack includes a range of activities, lessons, printable worksheets and ideas based on the selected book. The companions primarily focus on literacy knowledge and skills, however some offer cross-curriculum activities such as art, science and mathematics. They make for great classroom themes while providing easy, minimal preparation units for teachers and engaging and rich education for children.

Take a look at some of my resources below, available on my teachers pay teachers store.

Where the Wild Things are– By Maurice Sendak.

This resource is all you need for an engaging and diverse unit to use alongside the classic picture story book “Where the Wild Things are” by Maurice Sendak. This literacy unit primarily focuses on reading, writing and comprehension while also including the arts, Social Emotional Learning and STEM. You and your students will love the exciting, cross-curricular activities. This book and the companion are perfect for a fun classroom theme, literacy centres and independent learning.

The day the crayons quit– By Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers.

This resource is an engaging literacy unit with 58 pages of crayon fun including a writing craft to add a splash of colour to your classroom. This resource is a tool to use alongside picture story book “The day the crayons quit” by Drew Daywalt. This very clever book will be a hit in your classroom with a humorous storyline and brilliant illustrations by Oliver Jeffers. The story is about a boy names Duncan who discovers his crayons have left him a series of complaint letters. 

This companion is all you need for an extensive unit whereby students can create their very own response booklet including craft, character profiles, letter writing, vocabulary, writing prompts and more!

Literary device cards

This resource includes a set of 10 different literary devices, each including a definition and examples. This can be used as a classroom display that students can refer back to whenever needed or as a mix and match task. For this task students can mix up the cards and then group the correct device with its definition and examples. 

A great resource to use alongside a writing unit for mid to upper primary students.

The Koala Who Could– By Rachel Bright and Jim Field.

This is a heart-warming story that conveys a powerful message about change and building confidence to try new things. The beautiful illustrations, rhyming and teachable moments make it a pleasure to read. 

The main character is a koala named Kevin who struggles to branch out of his comfort zone. With a little help from some friends (other native Australian animals) Kevin makes a change. 

Just like Kevin, we all have our fears and are faced with daunting situations. Your students can discuss their own challenges and generate strategies to overcome them. 

This pack offers a range of activities to be used alongside the story, from reviews, responses and writing to art and a research project. I used the worksheets included to make into a booklet so the students each had their own book report. 

Hunwick’s egg-By Mem Fox

This loveable story is about a bilby named Hunwick and his encounter with a most mysterious egg. Hunwick’s friends watch on, waiting for the ‘egg’ to hatch. When it doesn’t, we learn that Hunwick loves it just the same- it is his friend.

This book provides many wonderful teaching opportunities. I have created a 38-page literacy resource to use alongside the book with plenty of engaging activities your students will love!

This extensive picture book study pack is all you need for a fun, diverse and educational unit of work.